Lucy Recommends

As a renowned networker, there are many businesses that Lucy is pleased to recommend. They include:

Affordable Healthcare Cover

There is absolutely nothing more important than health.  We cannot enjoy anything if we’re not fit and healthy.  There are illnesses and problems which are beyond our control but at the very least, we need to look after ourselves, eat well, exercise and look out for signs of a problem and immediately address.

The WPA health plan is like an emergency service that you want to easily access when you need it. We insure our cars, homes, possessions but this is secondary compared to our health. Not just for us but our families and loved ones too. Click here for more information.

Isobel Gordon

Lucy recommends Isobel Gordon.

Isobel specialises in getting people to overcome sugar addiction and other related addictions. Sugar is a killer and too much can easily find you suffering form type 2 diabetes later in life.

Isobel is on a mission to create life-changing positive outcomes and Lucy is on a mission to create greater awareness of the dangers of sugar in our diets.

You can find Isobel through her website:

Angie Phillips

If you are looking to improve the branding in your business, Lucy recommends Angie Phillips. Angie runs her own branding consultancy, A.N.G. Creative Design. Angie specialises branding for small businesses that want to be recognised by their clients and contacts as professional and high quality. You can contact Angie on 0208 504 1999, please mention that you were referred by Lucy.

“The perception given by good branding, often makes the difference between competitors.”